Below are links to products that A Good Reed Review recommends (or finds interesting or useful) in music, theatre, or writing pursuits.


  • Music Theory for Dummies, by Michael Pilhofer, MM, and Holly Day. Like most of the “Dummies” series, this isn’t a book to teach experts. It is a handy reference though, and it can provide the uninitiated with a broad base on which to build an appreciation for, and an understanding of, music theory in all its glory.
  • Piano for Dummies, by Hal Leonard Corp and Adam Perlmutter. This is the 3rd edition to the book started by Blake Neely, and it provides a very useful introduction to those looking to start playing the piano. Seasoned musicians will be able to skip the fundamentals of reading music provided in the first sections of this book, but it will still provide some useful piano fundamentals from which all players could benefit. For anybody wanting to learn to play music on any instrument (including voice), the piano should really be the place to start.
  • What to Listen for in Music, by Aaron Copland. This book is an easy and fascinating read written by one of the great American composers. We all appreciate music in some fashion innately, whether one is a musician or not, but this book makes the reader more aware of some of the subtleties to make that appreciation grow.
  • Reedsreeds – As a pit reed player, you can’t have too many reeds. Ande prefers the Vandoren family of reeds (particularly V12 reeds for clarinet and Java for saxophone). Those, and many others, are available at Woodwind & Brasswind.
  • Music StandsK&MStand – an essential item for all musicians:





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