Discuss the world of artistic expression (in all its forms) and tech with fellow readers on A Good Reed Review’s Discussion Page.

This page is intended to foster discussion among readers on various topics related to the performing or literary arts or tech. Since the literary arts includes writing in all its forms, that includes fiction and nonfiction which spans quite a lot of territory.

While readers are always welcome to submit comments directly on any article on the site, this page will hopefully allow broader discussion beyond the scope of a single review or commentary.

Comments received on this page will be moderated. Any inappropriate content will be deleted, and A Good Reed Review will modify user names that are inflammatory or are not suitable for a general audience. Email addresses are required to submit comments, but those will be kept private unless a reader chooses to use an email address as their name.

To submit a new thread, click on the comment box below Leave a Reply at the bottom of the page. To comment on an existing thread, click on the Reply link under the comment/topic of interest.

Readers are always welcome to submit a private message to A Good Reed Review using the form on the About page.



2 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Given societal sensitivities, should works written in another time be revised to meet current social considerations, or should they remain intact as the author intended for historical record and as a tool to better understand the time in which they were written?


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