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Below are links to various collections of Ande’s nonfiction writing including news, personal essays (some arts related, some not), and external publications. For Ande’s fiction collection, see the Fiction page.

Music & Theatre

Miscellaneous Personal Essays

History & Politics

External Publications

Music & Theatre

This page is a collection of essays that grew out of the initial intent of A Good Reed Review. Beyond reviews, the site originally explored numerous aspects of music and theatre from a musician’s perspective with a heavy emphasis on what happens in and from the perspective of those in the orchestra pit. This collection has grown beyond the pit and the life of musicians alone, though it is still focused on the performing arts in their many wondrous forms.

Miscellaneous Personal Essays

This page is a collection of essays expanding beyond music and theatre that includes a wide variety of subjects, though it is not entirely devoid of the arts. The written word is artistic in its own right, and that comes through in all its forms. As this section grows, it can include almost any subject outside of the performing arts.

History & Politics

This page grew out of the extraordinary events surrounding the 2020 election and its aftermath. Over time, this essay collection will expand beyond that fateful election and explore Ande’s ongoing history and political musings.

External Publications

This page links to Ande’s writing appearing on external websites and other media beyond A Good Reed Review.

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