Below is a collection of Ande’s political essays. While this collection started as a series inspired by the unprecedented events of the 2020 general election, it will grow beyond that over time.

Election 2020 – a harrowing, real-life story unfolding
In the U.S., the 2020 election has been building for quite some time. This is the most consequential election in almost a century, and the eyes of the world are upon us. The results of this election will drive the U.S. and the world in untold ways. The following essays capture some of my thoughts as an American as we move through this turbulent time.

The American story continues: Getting ready for the Biden Inauguration

(Published 18 January 2021): On 17 January 2021, 60 Minutes aired a segment about the 2021 inauguration preparations, and in light of the recent coup attempt, they are extensive and a large departure from how the U.S. normally holds an inauguration. While saddened that it has to be this way now, it also gives me hope that this inauguration can serve as a new beginning to get our nation back on track. This essay shares some memories and thoughts about the upcoming event.

6 January 2021: An American Story

(Published 8 January 2021): Something happened on 6 January that was more terrifying than any suspense novel I’ve read, and it was real. I watched it unfold live. This is the story of a failed coup attempt in the U.S. as Congress tried to certify the 2020 Election results. The story isn’t over as of this writing, but that day shall be one right up there with 7 December 1941 and shall live in infamy. Let’s hope that nothing like that happens again here.

Remember it’s ‘WE THE PEOPLE’

(Published 29 October 2020): One more pre-election essay talking about the importance of this election and what’s at stake. This is not just a question of policy, it’s really about the future of democracy in the U.S., and how we’ll be remembered by future generations.

Taking Action!

(Published 14 October 2020): With the biggest election of my lifetime in progress, this is an essay about storytelling and how we use it in politics to spur people to take action and how I was inspired to do more than just sit back and wait this election. I’ve never volunteered for a campaign before, but this time, I needed to get involved on a deeper level, and volunteering on a major campaign is invigorating.

Trouble – when the story matters more than reality

(Published 24 September 2020): This is an essay about storytelling and how it can be dangerous when used for nefarious purposes, especially in the 2020 U.S. general election. We are at a crossroads, a watershed moment in our history, and we need to save our democracy.

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