Writing is an important part of the arts and of artistic expression. Below are links to some of Ande’s short stories. New stories will be added from time to time, and some of these stories may eventually appear in various fiction anthologies that are currently in work. For Ande’s commentary and external publications, see the Commentary & Pubs page.

The worlds of Alex and Rowan is a series of short stories featuring Alex and Rowan Jeffries. Alex and Rowan are fraternal twins who’ve remained the best of friends throughout their lives. They teach at the same university. Alex is a professor of biochemistry, and Rowan is a professor of music and religious studies. They also share a house and agree on most things, but there are a few areas in which they vehemently disagree. These disagreements spark some fascinating philosophical debates that challenge their core beliefs. These debates result in far more than lively discussions though. Sometimes, their world inexplicably changes to thrust them into new realities based on these discussions.

A World Without Lies

(Published 28 September 2021): Alex and Rowan are at it again. With all of the chaos and deception in the world around them, they discuss what it might be like to live in a world where people just didn’t lie and get to see what such a world might entail. Truth matters, for better or worse.

A World With Choice Reversed

(Published 26 July 2021): Alex and Rowan Jeffries are back, this time discussing a world where a controversial choice is reversed. Could this actually happen? Could it solve one of the greatest challenges facing humankind today? It’s worth thinking about.

A World Without Religion
(Published 20 August 2019): Alex and Rowan Jeffries share a great deal in life as twins, except their basic philosophy. One is a believer, and the other is not. What happens when they are suddenly thrust into a world where religion is unknown?

What a Rat Race
(Published 23 January 2023): Imagine the world from the perspective of a lab rat – a conscience rat. Robert lives in a lab. He is pampered and has free run of the place, but he wonders what’s beyond the green door. One of these days, he just might find out.

A Dinner Surprise

(Published 27 November 2020): Bea discovers that dinner can be more than a meal when one quiet dinner at home changes her life forever. It also begs the question of whether we ever really know what is going on inside our microwave ovens.

The Course of Life
(Published 24 March 2019): Ken is struggling with his golf game and some problems at work. An unexpected mentor comes to his aid to help him sort out his troubles.

Taming the Savage Spring
(Published 24 March 2019): While spring is a time of awakening, it can also be rather dangerous. After an unfortunate mishap, Thomas gains sudden inspiration for a very eco-friendly solution to a nasty, spring workplace danger.

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