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Below are links to Ande’s external publications on a wide variety of subjects published on websites and other media outside of A Good Reed Review.

Start Believing the Truth About Hillary Clinton, not the GOP’s Lies | My Gedanken Experiments

(Published 14 September 2017): This commentary was originally written the week of the 2016 Democratic National Convention but was never published at that time. It talks about then-candidate Clinton’s extraordinary qualifications, the history of attacks on women seeking power, and why, too often, women are portrayed as untrustworthy despite all evidence to the contrary.

We are living with a modern ‘Lord of the Flies’ style threat | Daily Kos

(Published 3 August 2017): This commentary observes various parallels between Golding’s classic novel and the new president in 2017. The new administration was a stark contrast to anything resembling a democratic form of government. While we had no idea how bad it would eventually get sparking two impeachments, an insurrection, and a massive theft of government documents (to name just a few irregularities), that first year was terrifying. Seeing and reviewing a local production of Lord of the Flies brought those dangers into crisp focus.

Free Speech is a precious gift – use it wisely | Daily Kos

(Published 25 May 2017): This commentary explores some of the range of free speech, particularly the point that while Americans are guaranteed the right to express their views freely, nobody is necessarily obligated to listen.

Healthcare is a Right, not a Privilege of the Financially Well-Endowed | Daily Kos

(Published 13 May 2017): This commentary discusses why healthcare should be considered either a right or a societal duty. It also discusses the last major assault on the Affordable Care Act and the dangers of the replacement bill passed by the House at the time.

Serenaded by “The Serenade” | Campbell Express

(Published 22 June 2016): I was ushering opening night of a Lyric Theatre production of Victor Herbert’s The Serenade with no particular intention of writing a review. Two days later, I received a request to write a short review of the show for the Campbell Express. Armed with my program, my memories of the production, and a deadline, I wrote this piece which appeared on page 7 of the 22 June 2016 issue. The Campbell Express is a subscription print publication highlighting local issues and interests, and fortunately maintains an active online archive.

Creativity in the Workplace

(First published 16 October 2015): This article, originally written as a blog post on ConsideredThoughtfully, Inc.’s Founder’s Blog when I was Creative Director, talks about various aspects of how professionals can be creative in their work. Sometimes this can amount to a certain degree of theatre. In it, I discuss options for incorporating creativity in the work place with a few short examples of where I’ve been able to inject a bit of theatre and music into my work as a software engineer. ConsideredThoughtfully, Inc. and its subsidiary StepUp.Work are no longer in business, so this article has been republished here on A Good Reed Review.


Remembering_Mom_and__Cover_for_Kindle(Published 16 February 2013):  In REMEMBERING MOM AND DAD, I make the jump from analyzing the stories to telling them.  The book is a collection of essays and short stories written over time remembering Bayla and Jerry Jacobson. The stories include personal recollections from my experience along with the retelling of numerous events related to me in conversations over the years. Some of the stories included are: “Music in the House”, “The Parenthood Plunge”, “The Jacobson Pet Parade”, “Disney Days of Summer”, and many more.  Interested?

Purchase the print edition on CreateSpace or on Amazon.
Purchase the Kindle edition.
Read the full Introduction.

The fantasy-reality duality in theatre | Stark Insider

(Published 3 August 2011):  “While preparing to review current productions of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Nine’ … an unexpected common theme emerged;….” In this article, I explore aspects of presenting the fantasy-reality duality on stage.

‘Curtains’ – Not a preview review | Stark Insider

(Published 24 July 2011):  A most unusual preview took place last Thursday at the Lohman Theatre on the Foothill College campus in Los Altos. While this is explicitly NOT a review, I captured my account of some newsworthy events surrounding the performance that night for Stark Insider.

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