A Storied Hiatus

Pictured (L to R): Kevin Kirby, Ande Jacobson, Tim Reynolds, Michael Johnson, and Peggy Liu. (Photo Credit: Nicolas Sancen)

By Ande Jacobson

Tabard Theatre Company’s production of “The Story of My Life” is presenting its invited preview tonight, is opening on Friday, 28 October, and is running through 20 November at Theatre on San Pedro Square. Given this reviewer is playing in the chamber trio for the show, A Good Reed Review will be on hiatus through November.

Come see this soaring tribute to the power of friendship this November (see http://www.tabardtheatre.org/season11.html#show2 or call 800-838-3006 for more info), and look for A Good Reed Review reviews to resume in December.

Pictured (L to R): Kevin Kirby as Bookseller Alvin Kelby and Tim Reynolds as award-winning author Thomas Weaver. (Photo Credit: Lawrence Whitcomb)

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