Join WVLO for an Oklahoma hello!

wvlo-ok-eller-curleyBy Ande Jacobson

WVLO’s fall production of Oklahoma! enters its fourth week this holiday weekend. Fear not though. The show runs through December 6th, so there’s still time to enjoy the folksy warmth that will engulf you when you come to Saratoga to catch this classic Rodgers and Hammerstein show. Even if you don’t know the story, you’ve likely heard some of the music such as “Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’” and the title tune “Oklahoma!”

This isn’t a review as that wouldn’t be proper given Ande is in the orchestra, but from all the audience comments to date, the show is being well received. Also, from the reed section in front of the front row, it’s very entertaining. This production is lively, heartwarming, scary in a couple of places, and in true R&H fashion, has a happy ending that will leave you humming your way home.

The creative staff includes: Director Becky Brownson, Music Director Bill Coye, Vocal Director Anita Carey, and Choreographer Kayvon Kordestani-Thompson.

The cast includes: Ryan Henry (Curley), Beth Anne Wells (Laurey), Lea Schweitzer (Ado Annie Carnes), Brett Carlson (Will Parker), David Murphy (Jud Fry), Robin Merriam (Aunt Eller), Steve Anthony (Ali Hakim), Larry Raboy (Judge Andrew Carnes), Jerry Godfather (Ike Skidmore), Mike Brothers (Cord Elam), and an ensemble consisting of: Lisa Allen, Ally Boles, Emily Brady, David Cori, Cynthia Rust-Greaves, Janelle Gruss, Christ DeJesus, Cami Jackson, Richard Portune, Ailea Scheffler, Jeff Tuttle, Maggie Velasuqez, and Kristen Ivers-Williams.

Bill Coye’s orchestra includes: Lynn Marie Coye, Marty McHan, Jack Stanley, Ande Jacobson, Jordan Selburn, Mark Bowers, Barbara Denny, Jerry Simon, John Escalera, Paul Olivo, Sue Shaedeck-Chase, David Swager, Don Brownson, Dana Scobie, Judy Diamond, Miho Nishi, Griffin Derryberry, Jessica Yuen, Jaime Yuen, Karen Lindbloom, Kathleen Harley, Geri Actor, Judy Beck, Goetz Leonhardt, Annette DeSchol, Richard Sibley, Brian Haslanger, Linda Jansen, Paul Zawilski, Steve Adkins, Jean Narunsky, Dori Shimer, and Ralph Zazula. Not all musicians will play every performance.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite Oklahoma! company member when you order tickets, or tell them you heard about the show here on A Good Reed Review.

Performances are at the Saratoga Civic Theater located at 13777 Fruitvale Avenue, Saratoga, CA 94070. Either check online at, or call 408-358-1896 for tickets. Not all seats are available online, so even if the online ticket service says a performance is sold out, there are likely still seats available.

Remaining performances include:
Sat Nov 29      8:00PM
Sun Nov 30     2:30PM

Fri Dec 5         8:00PM
Sat Dec 6        8:00PM

(Photo credit: Edmond Kwong)


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