PYT makes the Dr. Seuss universe come alive in colors galore

Seuss-18-768x768seussical_show_image2By Ande Jacobson

What is Peninsula Youth Theatre’s Seussical? Imagine 15 Dr. Seuss stories wrapped up into one coherent tale complete with our friends The Cat in the Hat, Jojo the Who, Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie La Bird, and a host of other Seussian creations alive on stage. Then imagine traveling with them from the Mountain View library to the Jungle of Nool and to the planet of Who, watching the adventures unfold in bright colors and song.

You won’t be able to help but smile from the energy bouncing around the theatre from the actors on stage and the live orchestra beneath it as they remind us all of the power of “Thinks” and the wonder of imagination.

Katie O’Bryon Champlin (director/choreographer), Meg Fischer-Venuti (vocal director), and Ande Jacobson (orchestra director) are consummate Seussical veterans with 15 Seussical productions between them, as they share their visions of the Seussian universe with you.

The show is double-cast – see final cast for the full list. This production opened at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts on 14 May 2016 to very enthusiastic houses, and it continues through the 22nd. Click here to order tickets now.

The musicians in the orchestra include: woodwinds: Asa Stern, Roy Jackson, Steven Holmes, Keith Leung; strings: Karen Kenrick, Griff Derryberry, Keith Leung, Rob Gloster, Derek Post, Gabriel Perez, Dan Meyers, Cameron Meyers, Stephanie Spaid; brass: Vincent Jurado, Fi Azizi, Kyla Dickerson-Santana; keyboards: Nick Kenrick, Paul Zawilski, Matt Bourne; Drums: Bob Wylie.

This is a lively and touching show that showcases some varied talents, so don’t miss it. Come join us for All the Thinks You Can Think!

What: Seussical The Musical
Where: Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, 500 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA.
When: 14-22 May 2016, see: Seussical at PYT for more information.

Additional references:
Seussical The Musical (OC) (S. Flaherty-l. Ahrens)
Seussical The Musical: Vocal Selections PVG

Photos courtesy of PYT.


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