CTC Serves Up an Entertaining Evening

Corinne Bupp / Justin Karr

By Ande Jacobson

Commedia dell’arte, or “comedy of craft” is an old Italian style of theatre born of several stock characters related to specific social types, e.g. a merchant, a doctor, a servant, etc. Physical comedy is standard within this genre, and so it is with California Theatre Center’s latest installment of their summer repertory series. Originally written by Carlo Goldoni in 1743, The Servant of Two Masters is intended as a farce as it chronicles the antics of Truffaldino, a servant who finds himself in the employ of two masters, although the story starts before he and the audience are introduced. Continue reading


CTC’s 80 Days Provides a Fun-Filled Trip Around the Stage

(From LtoR) Noel Wood (Passepartout), Charlie Shoemaker (Detective Fix), Justin Karr (Phileas Fogg) and Hilary Ann Stevens (Aouda)

By Ande Jacobson

California Theatre Center’s 28th Summer Repertory season opener, Around the World in 80 Days, adapted by Mark Brown and based on the Jules Verne novel of the same name, is quite a trip. Intending to appeal to the widest possible audience – children and adults alike – Brown adapted Verne’s story into his stage play and published his work in August 2007. Originally requiring only four men and one woman in the cast, any number of actors up to 39 could be employed. Continue reading