Hillbarn stages a colorful “Joseph”

Jacob, his 12 sons and WivesBy Ande Jacobson

Hillbarn Theatre has brought back an early Andrew Lloyd Webber favorite for this year’s holiday season, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. While the work is Lloyd Webber’s second musical collaboration with Tim Rice immediately following The Likes of Us, it was his first to be publicly performed as a short, though it wasn’t fully staged until after Jesus Christ Superstar made its successful debut. With its catchy music, Joseph… is a colorful, family-friendly show based on the biblical story of Joseph’s coat of many colors. Continue reading

Mystery, mayhem, and a Rubik’s Cube

By Ande Jacobson

In 1978, Ira Levin’s famed play Deathtrap started its four-year Broadway reign combining the nail-biting tension of a thriller with carefully timed witty repartee to lighten the mood.  Levin’s play later moved to the screen in 1982 in a film of the same name starring Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve, and Dyan Cannon, although the final resolutions of play and movie diverge from one another.  There are even passing references to both Michael Caine and the movie Sleuth in the play’s script foreshadowing Levin’s desire for the screen adaptation. Continue reading