Do you or don’t you?

IDID_Irene & JamesBy Ande Jacobson

Can you imagine being married to someone for 50 years? At Tabard’s first I Do! I Do! Saturday matinee, as Leslie and Jerry Lloyd gave the curtain speech, they queried the audience to see how many couples had been married for at least 20, 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, and finally 70 years. It was surprising how many hands shot up, and stayed up through 55. Once they got to 60, only one couple still had their hands up, so the Lloyd’s started counting by one’s. The wife’s hand went down when they got to 70, but the husband’s hand was still up. His confusion was understandable as their 70th anniversary is coming up in June this year. Continue reading


He served his art and his country

creer-as-fieldsBy Ande Jacobson

Tabard Theatre Company continues its “True Lives” theme with the Bay Area Premiere of James Stills’ one-man play, Looking Over the President’s Shoulder, telling the story of Alonzo Fields, the chief butler in the White House through four administrations.  In a note at the beginning of the script (and in the program), Stills writes, “I remember thinking there was something wonderfully subversive and bold about a one-man play whose character hadn’t been allowed to talk on the job.”  And talk he does.  And the story he tells is captivating. Continue reading