Meet Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the man behind the legend

TheMountaintop7_MKitaokaBy Ande Jacobson

TheatreWorks celebrates the accomplishments of an American icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the regional premiere of The Mountaintop.  Playwright Katori Hall takes us on a journey to better understand the man behind the legend through a chance meeting between King and Camae.  Camae is the maid on duty when King calls room service to bring him a cup of coffee to help him stay awake to finish his speech for the next day.  The next day is 4 April 1968, King’s last.  Despite the story taking place the night of his “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speech and immediately before his assassination, Hall’s play is not morbid.  It is instead a gripping story filled with grit and humor showing us King’s fears and his triumphs, making him more accessible than public perceptions would imply.  As Michael Eric Dyson states in his forward to the play, “The Mountaintop portrays a man who is much more interesting and useful when his blemishes and virtues are shown together.” Continue reading