It builds!

www.siliconvalleydesigns.comBy Ande Jacobson

Build, by Michael Golamco, is enjoying its Northern California premiere at City Lights Theater Company. In his previous career, Golamco was a software developer, but now he’s a veteran writer for stage and screen. He is currently one of the staff writers for the television show Grimm, though unlike Grimm, there aren’t any monsters in Build. The play is rife with storytelling and technology, and the script presented City Lights with several significant challenges. Fortunately director Lisa Mallette and the rest of her creative staff were able to meet those challenges head-on. Continue reading


City Lights examines the “hysterical” 1880s

By Ande Jacobson

While often the focus of many comic routines, the modern vibrator has its origins in medical science dating back to the 1880s, the dawn of the electric age.  At that time, vibrators were employed as a treatment for “hysteria”, a problem thought to originate in the uterus that was treated by manipulation. Continue reading

Mystery, intrique, and corruption at its finest

By Ande Jacobson

To many, William Shakespeare’s plays exemplify perfection in theatrical writing.  Others find them incomprehensible, though if those in the latter group could shed their preconceptions, they might in fact recognize aspects of Shakespeare’s oeuvre reflected in their own experience.  Take “Hamlet” for instance, surely one of the most famous in the Shakespeare cannon. Continue reading