The Pear is willing, wanting, and waiting for you to come see “Pygmalion”

pyg_pub1-4839By Ande Jacobson

The Pear’s audiences have been treated to a number of plays by George Bernard Shaw over the years, so it isn’t at all surprising that this season features Pygmalion coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the play. Many theatergoers are familiar with the popularized versions of the story from the stage and movie musicals entitled My Fair Lady. The musicals don’t quite capture the wit, bite, and unconventional nature of Shaw’s original play, as they are closer to classical romances with a love interest at the core. Pygmalion isn’t a love story. It’s a romance of provocative discovery, and The Pear’s production embraces the delicious display of Shaw’s views on the English class system. Continue reading

Dragon finds the right car

becky2By Ande Jacobson

Life can be a very windy road, and in Dragon’s current production of Steven Dietz’s play, Becky’s New Car, we travel some of that road with our protagonist Becky Foster (Mary Lou Torre).  In her opening monologue Becky tells us that when a woman “says she wants a new car, she wants a new life,” and she takes some very interesting turns. Continue reading