Buckle up for an emotional ride with BBB’s “West Side Story”

bbb-wss-at-danceBy Ande Jacobson

West Side Story first hit the Broadway stage in 1957, and this famous musical, with book by Arthur Larents and music by Leonard Bernstein, gave the youthful lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, his Broadway debut. The show was groundbreaking, particularly for its explosive action, and it was nominated for six Tony Awards. While the show won for Best Choreography and Best Scenic Design, alas, it lost the Best Musical Award to Meredith Willson’s The Music Man. Most theatre or movie aficionados are familiar with the show, its plot bringing the classic story of Romeo and Juliet to the current era when it debuted. Today, its tale of the star-crossed lovers from opposite gangs forms a period piece, keeping the tension and angst of the time alive, and Broadway By The Bay’s production is one to be treasured. Continue reading

And So Goes Momma Rose

By Ande Jacobson

Enter the world of vaudeville, the original variety show, and for the performers a tough life traveling from city to city, trying to keep their acts fresh. A Broadway sensation loosely based on the memoirs of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee that debuted in 1959, “Gypsy” takes us into that world as we follow the mother of all stage mothers, Momma Rose, doing her level best to promote her daughters Baby June and Louise and take them to stardom while the age of vaudeville fades away. Continue reading